• Student Video Production

    Sophomore and freshmen students had the opportunity to produce science videos as part of third quarter projects.  Check out the awesome work below:


    Delani and Dawson - "Bop Ross" - Gentically Engineering the Environment

    Dakota - "Smash Course" - DNA Fingerprinting

    Rowdy - "Smith's Rowdy News" - Pros and Cons of GMOs

    Reed and Rowdy - "The Fake Fake News" - The Role of GMOs

    Sammi - "Saturn's Rings" - New Discoveries on the Disaperance of Saturn's Rings


  • Entries for NPR Student Podcast Challenge

    Hobson students have been busy recording, editing and producing podcasts for the NPR Student Podcast Challenge.  Student stories so far have included gentic modifications, philosopy, cancer treatmen, climate change, mental health and space.  I've set a student deadline of Friday, March 29th.  Once I have all of their entries, I'll post them here and have a listening party that afternoon.

  • Advancements in Freshmen Science


    The 2019 Issue Coming Soon!

    Student articles are written and I hope to have the 2019 issue online by Monday, March 25th.  In the meantime, last year's issue is still available: Advancements in Freshmen Science 2018

  • Glowforge Laser Cutter

    It's been a long time coming - but we finally have our Glowforge laser cutter!  Thank you to the Hobson Booster Club and Triangle Communications for making this purchase possible.  Glowforge was a crowdfunding project - Hobson Schools was one of the more than 7,000 groups and individuals who contributed to the development of this consumer focused laser cutter.  It took two years to refine the design, manufacture, and ship the units.

    I'm very impressed with the final product.  It is fast, powerful and easy to use.  We are finding lots of applications in science, math, engineering and art.

    Engineering students are currently learning how to use the software, calibrating the settings for different materials, and planning projects.  Through the months of February and March we will be offering demonstrations for students, community members and the press.  Student's will be constructing mechanical models and creating projects to donate to the Hobson Extravaganza.


    Click on  the "Glowforge Printer" link to the left to see some of our early projects and find resources.

 Michael Poser



Degrees and Certifications:

Michael Poser

Michael Poser is an enthusiastic scientist and amateur engineer who has been sharing his passion for learning with the Hobson community for the past twelve years.  He believes that the challenge ahead is never as great as the science within and works to enable Hobson middle and high school students to become tomorrow's great thinkers and tinkers.