ND STEM Teaching Fellows

Chris Linhart, Mandy Wichman, Karen Hickey, and Michael Poser

  • In the spring of 2023, Mrs. Hickey, Mr. Linhart, Mrs. Wichman, and Mr. Poser were selected to participate in the ND STEM Teaching Fellows program through the University of Notre Dame.  This two year program focuses on high quality professional development in the areas of science, technology, math and engineering.  We will work on our own professional growth, building a STEM team at Hobson School, and developing broader STEM goals for our institution.

    We will receive training and coaching throughout the program.  The coaching component will involve recording ourselves teaching lessons.  The focus is on our teaching practice - how we ask questions, how we represent student ideas and how we create meaningful contexts.  And though the camera will be pointed at us, students will occasionally be captured and their voices heard.  These videos will be shared with a small group (3-4) of other teachers in the program and a professional educational coach who will provide feedback.  The videos will not be publically available. Again the focus is on what we do as teachers, not necessarily students.

    Please contact us if you have any questions about the program or your students’ participation in our classes.