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TCT Recommendations for Fan Attendance

  • Tri-City Titans Recommendations for Fans in Attendance of Games:

    • Please practice social distancing when possible. For football fans, remain in cars if you are able to do so. For volleyball fans, please do your best to keep space between you and other fans in the stands. Masks are optional - unless mandated by the governor, or if our county has more than four active cases. Social distancing can help limit the chances of spreading the virus. 

    • Stay home if you are feeling ill.

    • Practice proper hand hygiene by sanitizing or washing your hands for at least twenty seconds after sneezing, coughing, eating, or using the restroom.

    • Help our school staff by making sure all garbage, especially napkins or used tissues are disposed of properly. 

    • If you only have a child playing in one game, please consider only attending that game. This allows fans who have children in a varsity, sub-varsity, or junior high game the ability to attend without capacity restrictions. 

    • Sit in the designated home and away stands. 

    If you are uncomfortable attending home games because of these recommendations, all Tri-City Titans contests will be available at the NFHS Web Site: https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/

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    The Tri-City Titans Activities Cooperative is a joint venture of Hobson Public Schools, Moore Public Schools, and Judith Gap Public Schools and is made possible through the cooperation of the trustees and administration of all three schools.  This cooperative effort exists so that we might be able to provide extracurricular opportunities for students of our schools that we might not be able to make possible separately. 


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