• Student Council Officer Applications 2019-2020

    Become an officer in Hobon High School Student Council.  Help plan monthly socials, Christmas parties, care packages and more.  Make decisions that impact our school and bring us together as a community.  Complete this application (link to Google Forms) by Friday, May 3rd at 5pm.

  • Advancements in Freshmen Science


    The 2019 Issue Is Here!

    The second issue of of Advancements in Freshmen Science is here.  Check out the accomplishments of the freshmen science class as they investigate the importance of bees, cleanliness of space, and parent/child shared mental health.  Thank you to the researchers, experts and writers who helped answer student questions and put this science news journal together.

  • Student Video Production

    Sophomore and freshmen students had the opportunity to produce science videos as part of third quarter projects.  Check out the awesome work below:


    Delani Kriskovich and Dawson Knerr- "Bop Ross" - Gentically Engineering the Environment

    Dakota Auck- "Smash Course" - DNA Fingerprinting

    Rowdy Smith - "Smith's Rowdy News" - Pros and Cons of GMOs

    Reed Hammontree and Tucker Brown - "The Fake Fake News" - The Role of GMOs

    Sammi Wichman- "Saturn's Rings" - New Discoveries on the Disaperance of Saturn's Rings


  • Entries for NPR Student Podcast Challenge

    Hobson students have been busy recording, editing and producing podcasts for the NPR Student Podcast Challenge.  They had nearly 5,700 of them! Some of these podcasts were recorded as part of science projects in freshmen integrated science or sophomore biology.  Others were created on their own just to learn about podcast recording and production. 


    Student stories include gentic modifications, philosopy, cancer treatment, climate change, mental health, babysitting and space. Enjoy!

    John Cody Gilbert- The Role of Philosophy in High School


    Elizabeth Hickey- Genetically Modified Crops


    Dakota Auck- Babysitting


    Reba Watson - DIY Gene Editing


    Ashton Deegan- Climate Change and Crop Yields



    Allison Wertheimer- New Gene Therapies to Treat Cancer



    Grace Loose- The Importance of Bees on Agriculture



    Lane McDonald- Keeping Planets Clean for Science Research



    Leisetta Martin- Parent's Mental Health Can Affect Their Children


 Michael Poser



Degrees and Certifications:

Michael Poser

Michael Poser is an enthusiastic scientist and amateur engineer who has been sharing his passion for learning with the Hobson community for the past twelve years.  He believes that the challenge ahead is never as great as the science within and works to enable Hobson middle and high school students to become tomorrow's great thinkers and tinkers.


2019 National Center for Women & Information Technology Montana Educator of the Year


2018 Montana Geological Society Teacher of the Year