• Welcome to Hobson Science - We have a lot of fun here

    Air powered rockets, mapping strata, designing cars, debates on cloning wooly mammoths, experiments in genetic crosses, soap making, bowling ball physics, watercolor painting, desinging cardboard chairs, and field notebooks are just a few of the fun projects in science class.  We learn by doing, experiencing, building and testing.  Use the links to the left to check out some of our bigger projects.  We're glad to have you here.

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  • Highschool Art

    From a student's semester test essay reflecting on where their art skills stood at the start of the year:

    "The final drawing is my favorite one and I think it expresses my creativity.  The drawing of your choice that we got to draw I decided to draw Mr. Poser as his hair flows in the wind.  He is pondering in the distans like a true science man.  I think on the creativity side I nailed it but maybe not on the actual drawing side.  The perspective is all messed up and you can tell it didin't take me long to sketch it.  It is an insult to Mr. Poser because it doesn't show him in his true state and for that I am sorry.  If I got to draw it again i think it would be actually good and fully show the magnificent creator."

    Mr. Poser the Magnificent Science Creator

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  • New Student Genetic Engineering Videos

    Bolstered by their own experiences in short format science fiction and the commercial success of Monkey Man: Origins, sophomores in the 2023-2024 biology class have written, directed, and acted in their own tellings of the brave new future of genetic engineering. Students were asked to research a topic related to gene technologies such as CRISPR, environmental fingerprinting or cloning wooly mammoths and then turn their findings into an informative, creative presentation.  Reports, children's books, board games, podcasts, and video explainers have been the norm in the past.  But a brave few attempt to weave science into a science fiction movie.  It's a daunting task.  Students had to write a script, recruit actors and find a camera to use.  They found costumes, built a set, set up lights and did their own stunts.  But the biggest part of their time was spent video editing - cutting clips together into a coherent story, editing audio, adding graphics and finding music to use.  It's a huge amount of work and students should be proud of their finished productions.  Check them out below.

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Degrees and Certifications:

Michael Poser

Michael Poser is an enthusiastic scientist, amateur engineer, and passable artist, sharing his passion for learning in the Hobson community for fifteen years.  He works to enable Hobson middle and high school students to become tomorrow's great thinkers and tinkers.

2018 Montana Geological Society Teacher of the Year

2019 National Center for Women & Information Technology Montana Educator of the Year

2022 Toshiba America Foundation Grant Recipient

2023 ND STEM Teaching Fellow