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Mrs. Janet Wichman



February 2018 Ski Day:  We are so fortunate that our kinders get to go skiing.  They learn so quickly.  Many are able to ride the lift after the first lesson.  The second ski day in March really bolsters their confidence and skills. 

Hooray for math, especially "Tasty Math"!  Kindergarten enjoyed several tasty snacks at the culmination of our unit on 2D and 3D shapes.  Tasty Math is also a fun way to introduce subtraction which is often a tricky concept for some of them.  We also continue to use methods and manipulatives from Math Their Way, a tried and true math resource.

Our reading has really progressed.  Kindergartners are becoming experts at "attacking" new words by using context and picture clues as well as phonics.  They are discovering many new "outlaw" words and are even very curious about word origins.  For instance, I learned along with them that the word calf, naming the leg muscle, comes from an Old Norse word, kalfi.

We will finish a unit on Animals in Winter this week by making pinecone bird feeders.  We loved creating a Native American art project "migrating geese" and read a corresponding Micmaq legend regarding migration.

Kindergarten is a busy and fun place to be!

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